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First Kid?

Sarah was the emcee for the "Take Back The Night" event in Bluffton.  There was a focus on, not only safety in our streets, but safety in our homes (domestic violence awareness).

Sarah First Kid? - Joe

Bluffton Icon photo

Sarah Schriner places 3rd in Regional

American Legion Oratory Contest

High School parent's night

Our Sarah works on a research paper in the John Paul II Library at Franciscan University.

Sarah’s paper: a message to us all?


And it just goes on, and on, and on…


As I write this, our Sarah is a freshman at Franciscan University. She is majoring in social work.


During the last year, Sarah wrote a research paper on how group dynamics influence individual behavior, for the good, and for the bad.


On the “for the bad” side, and as a dramatic start to the paper, Sarah cites the brutal murder of Kitty Genovese in New York in 1964. Ms. Genovese was coming home from work late one night when she was accosted by a knife wielding attacker in front of her apartment. They struggled for more than a half hour, as this young woman desperately screamed and pleaded for help. Although 30 some people looked on from their apartment windows, and such, nobody ran to her assistance – and, unbelievably, nobody even called the police.


At about 35 minutes, Ms. Genovese was stabbed to death.


And therein, I believe, is a tremendous metaphoric bellwether for our country these days.


On April 20, 1999, the Columbine High School massacre killed 12 students, a teacher and 21 others were injured. Yet the school shootings go on, and on, and on… as a majority of Americans, as with what happened with the apathetic bystanders in the New York killing, just look on, and on, and on… at all this without doing much of anything.


Our inner cities have become war zones with eight youth being shot to death every day now. As a majority of Americans, again, just look on, and on, and on… without doing much of anything.


Some 4,400 babies are killed in their mother’s wombs every day now in America (55 million babies killed since 1973), while a majority of people channel surf for the next show.


Global warming looms like a scary doomsday scenario that is already killing scores of people in more arid countries in other parts of the world, through drought and famine -- yet a majority of Americans, watching all this tragedy on the nightly news, do virtually nothing to curb their energy gluttonous lifestyles.


And I could go on, and on…


Sarah’s research paper points out that: “Group dynamics can lead the individual to believe: Someone else will do it.” (Griggs, 304)


This allowed the killing in New York. This is allowing the killing, and all sorts of other tragedies, to continue to go on in America, and beyond.


And not only isn’t there much inertia around pro-actively impacting these problem areas of our society, and of the world at large; but Americans have also fallen victim to a dangerous, collective “groupthink,” if you will, that has us using all sorts of rationalizations (rational lies) to justify not doing much to change these things.


For instance, the UN reports 24,000 people starve to death every day in the Third World. And Americans, almost across the board, could do so much more in the way of lifestyle sacrifices to help these people. But often one, of many, standard ‘rationalizations’ is that these poorer countries governments are “corrupt” and the money wouldn’t get to the people who need it.


Even though there are now all kinds of safe conduits (Food for the Poor, Heifer International, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors without Borders…) to get the money to the people who need it.


It’s time to read Sarah’s paper and clearly see ourselves in those 30 bystanders that fateful night in New York. It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA!

Sarah's Paper - Joe

Sarah's Sacrifice

Sarah's Sacrifice - Joe

Sarah was just named “Newcomer of the Year” in the Alleghany Mountain Conference College Basketball League.  The dribbling in the truck stop parking lots apparently paid off.

Sarah's Spirituality


     Sarah continues to have a strong heart for the unborn, as she continues to take her Catholic faith very seriously.  She, and several of her Franciscan University Stella Mariae Household members (pictured here) recently went to D.C. to participate in the 2018 March for Life.  A "Household" is Franciscan University's answer to secular "Sororities." (Franciscan -- it's motto is: "Catholic to the Max!" --  has a number of Households for both men and women, each with their own spiritual identity.  Sarah belongs to Stella Mariae ("Stella's" for short) Household.

     Part of this particular Household's statement is:  "We burn with the fire of God's love that comes to us from the Sacred Heart of Jesus... And Our Lady is the star that has led us to Jesus's heart of love.  She teaches us and clothes us with her "Ten Virtues":  her profound humility, her blind obedience, her ardent charity, her constant mental prayer, her universal mortification, her heroic patience, her divine purity, her lively faith, her angelic sweetness, and her divine wisdom... We fight as women warriors, moving in unison with one another.  Our battle is one of the triumph of Christ's love in our hearts and in the world."

     These young women regularly get together for prayer, to attend Mass, to discuss how they are doing with the "Ten Virtues" in their lives...

     Note:  I'm writing this in March, 2018.  You know, in the last year Ivanka Trump has gotten a lot of attention, a good deal for her purported entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy in general. Given, probably, how much she's been financially staked by her father, and given all his connections, her making an "impressive" go of it in business (as opposed to, say, your average Jane out there) might not be all that impressive.  What's more, is that really what our society needs right now in a "First Daughter"?  Or does it need a young woman who has majored in social work to help those on the margins.  A young woman who, instead of going to Ft. Lauderdale on Spring Break, went on three missions trips (Haiti twice and Nicaragua once) on Spring Break to help the Third World poor? A young woman who already has a long history of standing up for the unborn?  A young woman who opted, not for "Sorority life," but rather "Household life" in an ongoing quest to help with, well, "...the triumph of Christ's love in our hearts and in the world."

     My bet, again in what America needs at this point, is definitely on Sarah.

Sarah's Spirituality - Joe
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