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Man/woman on the street…


While doing a college internship at the Troy Daily News in Ohio, I was asked to do a weekly feature called If you ask… I was to take a “topic of the day” each week and ask people on the streets about it. This proved good experience for how I would eventually develop our political platform. That is as we traveled, I would ask ‘people on street’ their takes on almost every issue of the day. From the answers that made sense, common sense, I developed platforms for a wide variety of the major issues.


*Note:  "Wow.  Reading this article in retrospect, I couldn't help be amazed at the tremendously heightened level of violence that has permeated our media entertainment.  It's almost off the charts at this point.  (I remember those old shows talked about in the article, and they seem extremely tame in comparison to modern shows, huh.)  According to Norman Herr, Phd., Professor of Science Education at California State University, by the time an average person in America has reached age 18 now, they have witnessed some 200,000 acts of violence on TV.  To say this (violence on TV, violent video games...) isn't affecting some "real life" violence in our culture these days is absolutely ludicrous!  Our position paper on crime addresses this, and a constellation of other precipitating factors to increasing violent crime in America."  --Joe  my head shot here -- jeans shirt.


     Also, I'm still doing a somewhat quasi "Person on the Street" thing (sometimes with even a humorous twist) periodically for the Bluffton News.  The following are a few recent examples...  [attached articles]

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