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“We have just crossed the 50 million abortion mark in this country.  Some 50 million babies have been killed in their mothers’ wombs…  To give you an indication of how tremendously messed up our world is getting at this point: President Obama, who is one of the biggest players in this ongoing genocide [abortion], was recently given the: Nobel Peace Prize.”

 --Joe, during a talk at the University of Notre Dame.


“With abortion, we have become our own worst terrorists,” said Schriner.  

 --The Range News, Wilcox, Arizona.


“The candidate (Schriner) calls for an end to abortion, while at the same time developing a much more comprehensive safety net for those in crisis pregnancy.” 

–The Community Common newspaper, Portsmouth, Ohio.


"Schriner, a Catholic, said that as president, he “would be protesting in front of an abortion clinic – and praying.”

–Lewistown News-Argus, Lewistown, Montana.




Photo by Joe

As we've traveled, we've regularly stood in solidarity with people protesting abortion. We've protested in: Fargo, North Dakota; Bakersfield, California; Marquette, Michigan; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Warren, Ohio... to name a few.  Here our family joined a group protesting in front of an abortion clinic in Ocala, Florida.  It is our belief abortion won't end until enough people take to the streets regularly to create a climate similar to what was created in the south to end Segregation. --Joe




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