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         Our Sarah is now a student at Franciscan University in Ohio.

After years of being exposed to those on the margins of society, in our travels and inner city outreach work, Sarah has decided to major in social work and minor in political science.

          In between her studies (and regularly texting her parents of course), Sarah is playing on both the soccer and basketball teams at Franciscan. Prior to college, while at Bluffton High School in Ohio, Sarah was named to: the 1st team in the Northwest Conference in soccer; and the All District Team in basketball. She also ran anchor on the track team.

         Sarah was also an honor student and part of a new “Peer Mediation Team” at the high school. She was also active in the St. Mary’s Youth Group and represented the local American Legion Post in several regional “Oratorical Contests.”

         One of her speeches revolved around a homeless veteran Sarah got to know in Cleveland while volunteering with the “Catholic Workers” there. 

         With much help, this man eventually got a job, a place to stay… and then made national news for rescuing five people from a burning boarding house – before he himself died of smoke inhalation. “He died a tremendous hero,” Sarah said.


College Freshman

Year 2015

YMCA B-Ball with Sarah, age 14 at the time. 

Filmed in 2011



Sarah is currently a starting outside wing for the Franciscan University Lady Baron’s soccer team.  She was named to the First Team in the NWC Conference as a senior at Bluffton High School. (The soccer team was co-champions for the first time in BHS history.)  Sarah is shown here during one of her home games at Franciscan.  In one frame, she has just scored a goal.

*For more on Sarah's subsequent years of Lady Baron Soccer, see link Here

Sarah took a second mission trip to Haiti as well. To see the story, video and photos, go HERE. 

For Spring Break her senior year at Franciscan U., Sarah, again, went to Haiti on a missions trip.  This time she was one of the leaders of the trip.  This entailed months of preparation that included fundraising, team building, trip logistics, and so on.  Sarah does that kind of stuff well.  She is pictured here (far right in the blue cap) with a group of Haitian youth in a rural village where the team did some of their outreach work.


update 2/12/20...   Sarah has just gotten her Masters in Social Work.  What's more, she also recently got a position at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, working in the Athletic Department.  She will be an assistant to the Athletic Director and this affords her the opportunity to perhaps coach as well.  Sarah played basketball and soccer during her undergraduate days at FUS, and one of her dreams was to some day coach.  

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