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Joe talks about he and his family's various farming experiences over the years.

Joe on Farm Experiences - Joe

Photos by Sephen Piscura

As we travel, we often stop at farms where we pitch in with, well, whatever needs to be done.  


In these photos, I'm chopping wood on a farm in eastern Ohio.


I'm told wood warms you twice.  It warms you when you burn it  and when you cut it. 


And were asking Americans to warm up to the idea of going back to a small farm agrarian based society, like it was in the old days.


These small farms and this rural way of life, was once the backbone of America, I told the Country Today newspaper in Wisconsin.  There was a vibrant interdependency between the local farmer and the local community.  Kids grew up healthy and learned the meaning of good honest work.


Somehow we've gotten away from a lot of that.


But should we have?



We have extensively researched farming in America.  And it makes sense, common sense (not to mention sound environmental stewardship practice) to go back to much more organic growing  -- as I talked about during a speech in Yorkshire, Ohio, a few years ago.  See below... [Article appeared in the Daily Advocate newspaper, Greenville, Ohio]

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