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Declaration Speech 2020...
and now 2024
[*same speech, pretty much]

Declaration Speech 2020 - Joe Schriner


“For the past 20 years we’ve had U.S. presidents who have either graduated from Harvard or Yale (Donald Trump notwithstanding). Apparently whatever they teach you at Harvard or Yale doesn’t equip you to solve the problems of the day. Or they’d be solved. What they’ve gotten over the past 20 years is: worse.” --Joe


The nuclear proliferation nightmare goes on and on...     photo

School shootings seem "normal" now.                          photo

60 million abortions in America

and counting photo

global warming doomsday continues                            photo

The national debt (and counting) our kids will inheirit...         graphic

*1 in 3 Americans now get cancer during their lifetime        photo

America has more incarcerations per capita than any other country in the world, and a crime rate that is off the charts.  [ photo]


America now has a 65% divorce rate, broken families everywhere...    photo



Some 140 Americans die every day from opioid overdose, and millions are addicted.   

[Hospital & Health Networks photo]

Some 22 military veterans commit suicide every day in America.  That's more than 8,000 veterans a year! [Veterans Today photo]


*America.  The best country in the world?  If it is, then the whole world is in extremely bad shape.  Just sayin'.

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