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Joe's Handouts

8 1/2 x 11 Flier

Campaign Card/

Post Card

“You are about to click on our answer to the millions of dollars in Super PAC money. You are about to click on our answer to the subsequent millions (maybe even billions this time) of dollars for air wave attack ads, and more attack ads. You are about to click on ‘David’s sling shot stone’ in the face of a Goliath of epic proportions.


The stone? Fliers and campaign cards. Seriously!


If you would, please put them on town bulletin boards, car windshields, front doors, telephone poles… over, and over, and over. The campaign cards are also set up like postcards and can be mailed, emailed, posted on social media… all over the place as well.


Grassroots America at its finest? You bet!


Oh, and by the way, this could work.”



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