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Joe the Journalist

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Joe the Journalist - Joe

Barre Montpelier (VT) Times-Argus photo


I used my journalism background to interview hundreds and hundreds of people about a tremendously wide variety of domestic and foreign issues as we traveled.  It was a “Listening Tour” in the purest sense. And ours could well be considered an “American Peoples’ Platform.” This particular picture was taken by a photographer from the Times Argus newspaper in Montpellier, Vermont.  Notebook and pen in-hand, I was interviewing Doug Wells who was employed by the local business Solar Works. He was explaining some of the newest innovations in the solar energy field.




As I mention, in part, on the audio in this section, journalism has given me quite a broad prospectus. As I’ve covered a wide gamut of things, I’ve learned a wide gamut of things – often from various perspectives. This will be information that will help me immensely in the presidency – as will the ability to be open to looking at things from more than one angle.


[What’s more, as I interviewed a lot of people for the articles over the years, I’ve interviewed even more people (by, perhaps, a factor of 10) for our position papers.]


The following are some categories the information fell under. Click for brief overviews and a sample of one of my article(s) pertaining to that area. Note: These articles span many years, with the earliest of them dating back to the late 1970s, when I began my journalism career.





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