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      Our Joseph is a goalie on the Bluffton High School soccer team, a guard on the basketball team and is a first baseman on the baseball team. He likes sports. Joseph also works part-time at a local farm, helping out in the fields and working on farm machinery.  

      He’s good with mechanical stuff.

      Joseph is also active with his church youth group, and he is a quite an artist.

      He recently did a phenomenal depiction of a modern war scene, with the portrait of a soldier in the foreground.

      The Pentagon says we have entered an “era of persistent conflict” worldwide.  So this could well turn out to be a self-portrait for Joseph – and scores of other young men and women worldwide – if all this doesn’t stop.

      Our platform is geared to stopping it, at its roots.

Bluffton News (9/11/14): “Bluffton played with a passion, and an intensity that had the Pirate faithful fired up. No one exemplified this more than junior goalie Joseph Schriner, who absolutely played out of his mind. He came out of goal to eliminate Wildcat attacks or pick off crosses… He stood tall, welcomed contact and displayed catlike reflexes…”

Update at the bottom of the page...

Often referred to as the "amoeba family," because of how close we all were on the road all those years, and so on, we all, once again, congealed for Joseph's graduation from Bluffton High School.  In holding the diploma, Jonathan was apparently practicing for his future graduation.  Fingers crossed.  Next stop for Joseph: Franciscan University.

1/1/17 Joesph is now attending Franciscan University in Ohio where he is majoring in business and playing basketball and soccor. 

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