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Steel Car Trolley Diner, Lisbon, Ohio

We have stumped in countless towns in the past 12 years. 


Unlike other campaigns that analyze reams of demographic data to determine where to go, we go to: whatever town is next on the map.


In those towns there are many random meetings with people who might agree with what we stand for, or not.  


This makes for spirited discussion, some heated arguments.


And in all this, I've also heard many good ideas.  


And in all this, I've also heard many not so good ideas.  


Yet through it all, grassroots democracy has happened again, and again.


In fact, a majority of our platform has been developed through these encounters.  


I mean, I'm not smart enough to have come up with all the policy ideas myself.  (My wife Liz will tell you that.)


But I was smart enough to listen, as I'm doing this day at the Steel Car Trolley Diner in Lisbon, Ohio.  


In the truest sense, ours is, indeed, an American People's Platform.




Steubenville, Ohio

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