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Joe as a "Radical" Republican Candidate

Campaign 2000

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Joe as Republican - Joe

“What we see today is a society that values material wealth above social health,” [said] Liz Schriner. -- Bangor Daily News

"The first thing Republican presidential candidate Joe Schriner will do if he wins the election is let homeless people live in the White House. And that’s only the beginning…" -- The Keene Sentinal, Keene, NH


"And unlike other GOP candidates, Schriner doesn’t advocate a tax cut. He wants a cut of another kind: a lifestyle cut. Instead of buying more and more, Schriner wants Americans to give more of themselves and their resources to the larger community." -- The Keene Sentinal, Keene, NH


"A Roman Catholic, Schriner is staunchly against abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty." -- The Keene Sentinal, Keene, NH

"In one of the towns, Schriner was asked by a reporter if he was serious about running [for president]. To which Schriner responded: “Have you ever traveled across the country with two small children?” No more questions about him being serious were asked." -- The Ledger Independent, Maysville, KY


"…his platform grew out of an eight year, 100,000 mile journey through the United States, in which he researched a series of grassroots models he believes can change the nation." -- The Ledger Independent, Maysville, KY

"Schriner, who is seeking the Republican nomination, cited abortion, rampant materialism, social injustice to the inner city poor and the poor in the Third World, abuse of the [natural] environment… as abuses of ‘liberty,’ and examples of things he wants different for his children." -- Ripley Bee newspaper, Ripley, Ohio


"His [Schriner’s]‘stump stops’ are small towns where he shakes hands with average folks, whether or not they have deep pockets." -- Times-News, Cumberland, MD


“What we believe is that if you took people who are involved in developing successful community projects and made consulting teams, and then raised them to a national level and infused [their ideas] into towns all over the nation – it would change the face of the nation,” Schriner said. -- Times-News, Cumberland, MD

“I asked him [Schriner] some questions to see if he’d be a typical candidate and give me the run-around. I was baiting him, actually. He didn’t back down from the issues and we covered the gamut,” [said Tom Merrick, pastor of the Full Gospel Church of Jesus Christ]. -- The Advocate Newspaper, Jacksontown, Ohio


“We’re trying to call the party back to its roots,” Schriner said. “We researched the Republican Party and found, at its roots, that it was a spiritually motivated, balanced approach to societal problems. The reason the Republican Party was [initially] formed was to abolish slavery.” -- The Advocate Newspaper, Jacksontown, Ohio

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