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Hispanic Immigration

*We have done several “Border Tours” through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California… to look at Hispanic Immigration issues from as many angles as possible. We also toured the San Joaquin Valley in California looking at Hispanic migrant farm worker issues. And we have also looked at additional Hispanic immigration issues in Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Ohio… --Joe


During a talk at an Immigration Rally of some 300 people in Flagstaff, Arizona, I said my administration would push for amnesty for illegal immigrants and family reunification. In addition, I told the Santa Rosa News in New Mexico that I fell heavily on the side of social justice, and a Schriner administration would ardently work for a living wage, benefits and optimal working conditions for all new arrivals to the country. –Joe


I told the Hobbs (NM) Sun newspaper that we should not look at new arrivals to this country as a burden, but rather as a tremendous opportunity to help. –Joe


I told the Lodi News in Lodi, California, that our administration would work exhaustively to get fair pay, adequate working conditions, health benefits… to all migrant farm workers. –Joe

Photo by Joe

In Juarez (the "murder capital" of Mexico) our family toured a slum of some 200,000 people. Families were squeezed together in these cobbled together shacks with no running water, no electricity and little food. There were few cars anywhere.  I included this picture because of the compact car gives scale to the actual size of the shacks.  (photo by Joe)



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