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Joe's Sports and Hobbies

"Okay its not the driving range at Mar a Lago, but it does just fine." -- Joe

photo by Stephen Piscura

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Joe's Hobbies - Joe

My shot release is even quicker than the Golden State Warrior's Stephen Curry.  It's so quick, in fact, the camera -- even on the fastest aperture speed -- couldn't keep the ball from blurring.

Shootin' hoops during a YMCA stop in Georgia, year 2011

Joe swims the "River of No Return"

[Schriner] can talk national politics, religion and faith issues and then easily switch to baseball. “I don’t know what’s happening with the Indians this spring. They really need to start hitting again. And C.C. (Sabathia) needs to start pitching like he did last year.” The Herald Star, Steubenville, Ohio.

Bluffton Family Recreation Center,

year 2017


"To keep in shape for my local sports endeavors (and in the off chance that the Cleveland Browns might call at some point -- LOL sort of),  I work out a few nights a week at the local gym." --Joe

During Campaign 2008, then presidential candidate Barack Obama was doing a swing through rural Pennsylvania.  In one relatively small town, he took to the bowling lanes in an attempt to convince the populace in those parts, and by extension the country at large (via his media following), that he was just a regular guy.  (In political speak parlance: a "populist.")  He bowled an abysmal: 33.  A New York Times reporter wrote:  "He (Obama) really can't bowl."  I can.  I even have my own bowling bag and ball.  And with that ball, at the Southgate Lanes in Bluffton recently, I bowled well enough, not to make the Pro-Bowling-Tour or anything, but to narrowly win a basket of fries from my 14-year-old son Jonathan ("Jona" for short).  No brag.  Just fact.  Although, admittedly, it wasn't exactly a "wager windfall," with "Jona" eating three-fourths of the fries and me having to buy the soda.  And such is the lot of a rural Midwestern "populist pop."

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