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Joe's Positions 



These position papers were developed over more than two decades of extensive cross country research that spanned some 250,000 miles. We interviewed a broad spectrum of people on the key issues facing America, and the key issues facing our world at large. In addition, we researched model programs that have been developed to impact these issues. From all this, we crafted a platform. This, indeed, was a “Listening Tour” in the truest sense of that phrase. Some of the ideas would be considered “liberal.” Other of the ideas would be considered “conservative.” We didn’t care. We used the ones that made sense, common sense. And ones, most of all, that would leave our world a better place for our children.


                                                                                                                         -- Joe













“Common Sense. Noun. 1) The unreflective opinions of ordinary people. Sound and prudent (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Joe Schriner. Noun. The presidential candidate who sees the future of America with common sense philosophy.” – reporter Nathan Eagle, The Daily Advocate newspaper, Greenville, Ohio.


“Schriner seems to make a lot more sense than most politicians I try not to listen to. An independent candidate, Schriner has an interesting mixture of conservative and liberal viewpoints. That, in my opinion, makes him an average Joe.” --editor Steve Zender, The Progressor-Times newspaper, Carey, Ohio.

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