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College Talks

Nation Wide College Talks - Joe

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"The Schriners [Joe and Liz] were engaging and provocative and did much to stimulate this group of college students to think deeply about issues of environmental, racial and gender justice in America."

-- Perry Bush, Ph.D., Professor of History, Bluffton College, Ohio

Bluffton University Talks - Joe

"Isn't our generation ready to truly make our world better? The first step? Vote for Joe!" -Leah Beth Bryson, columnist for The Vision Student Newspaper, Lambuth University, Jackson, TN

Liz in Columbus, Georgia

Click here to read the audio text. 

More feedback on Joe’s school (college and high school) talks…


"I experience Joe Schriner as a fervent pro-Life candidate who is willing to make great sacrifices for the moral betterment of our nation and the transformation of society. He was an inspiration to our students."  --Fr. Michael Scanlan, former president of Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio.


"The students were most impressed by the fact that Mr. Schriner seemed to be living out his very challenging campaign rhetoric.  All of them seemed to agree that Mr. Schriner's voice is one that needs to be heard in our country and world."  --John Cooper, Theology Instructor, Xavier University.


"Mr. Schriner came in to speak to our students and it was the capstone to a pretty amazing project. The students really appreciated his willingness to put himself out there and talk about issues you would not hear from other candidates because they would be deemed unpopular. The students were inspired for what he thought was possible for the country."  --Todd Stanley, teacher, The Christopher Program (Alternative High School), Columbus, Ohio.


"Dear Mr. Schriner,

     I and the senior class at Miller City High School would like to thank you and your family for taking the time to discuss and explain your campaign with us.  Your talk was informative and realistic.  You taught the students something a text book or I could not do.  You taught them about the realities of Third Party politics and how important your campaign is.  I believe that you have also sparked an interest in them volunteering and taking care of the earth.  You are leading a remarkable life, and we want to thank you for spending some time with us." --Miller City High School (Ohio) Government teacher Allyson Frick


"Joe Schriner spoke with us for over an hour on the relationship between private, personal morality and public policy.  He raised questions about how our morality is shaped, with serious reservations concerning the portrayal of the American code of conduct on television...  Mr. Schriner also shared his vision of paired villages, one in the U.S. and one in the developing world.  These communities would build relationship and trust.  He challenged us to imagine the possibility of this on a large scale.  Might it eradicate terrorism by removing it's causes -- vast disparities in resources/wealth and in whether basic needs get met?  Would the American people be willing to sacrifice to achieve that?  These discussions were challenging and thought provoking for my students -- and for me...  He is inciting us to a fundamental democratic concept and practice.  May the vision catch wind and fly." --Bluffton University Education Masters instructor Mitch Kingsley (class: Teaching and the Moral Imagination)


"Joe Schriner recently spoke to my sociology students and I was very impressed with how he held their interest and got them to debate with him...  Having ventured far and wide across the U.S., in his roles as a journalist, social activist, and political office seeker, Joe has acquired a virtual treasure trove of real-life lessons and adventures that can't help but make him a fascinating speaker." --Southern State (Ohio) Community College instructor Steve Newman


"I highly recommend that you invite Joe Schriner to visit your classes.  Joe is running for the U.S. presidency and he is bringing a refreshing and honest perspective to this important race.  The fact that his views are contrary to the mainstream of American thought make his interaction with your students all the more valuable...  Not all will agree with Joe Schriner.  He may not even win the election in 2004, but his message is a refreshing change from the vague rhetoric and glossy corporate image displayed by our premier party candidates.  His lone voice is a wonderful addition to the college classroom."  --David Gerard Hogan, Associate Professor of History, Heidelberg College.




As we've traveled, we've been in a number of college newspapers.  The following article appeared in my Alma maters' independent student newspaper during campaign 2003.  A note:  In the box it notes we would do away with the income tax and the IRS.  We wouldn't.  We would, indeed, simplify the tax code tremendously.  [See our position on this.]  Note 2:  Yes, my kids had a good laugh with my former hair.  Much of which has fallen out -- since two of them have become teenagers!

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