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"...America needs to hear his (Schriner's) appeals to simplify lifestyles, save the unborn, heal the family, return to rural values and expand local charity efforts." 

--columnist Mike Haynes, Amarillo (TX) Globe-News.

Joe's Fireside Podcasts




“During my years of campaigning, I’ve, at various times, recorded my positions on different issues. I have left these recordings up for several reasons. For one, it will give the listener insight into how I approach problems in “real time,” so to speak. And two, many of the things in the proposed solutions in the following recordings are still as applicable.” --Joe








Joe on Hispanic Immigration

Recorded 8/26/15   time: 8 min.  

As Campaign 2016 heats up, one of the more prevalent topics has been immigration.  Heated rhetoric about "...building the fence higher... sending those people back... making them stand in line..." is getting all kinds of play -- especially among the Republicans in this case.  Meanwhile, we have quietly gone down to the border several times -- and a lot of other places where illegal immigrants are around the country -- and we have looked and we have listened.  What emerged, often times, are tremendously tragic scenarios that have literally forced people here, fleeing from dire abject poverty, extreme violence and political oppression. This podcast flushes all that out and also proposes a policy that, we believe, is quite solid, spiritually sane and, well, just the right thing to do. 


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Joe on Terrorism

Recorded 2/20/17


     The late, and quite famous, monk Thomas Merton (Pope Francis referenced him in his speech to Congress here), once wrote that when a person can't squarely look at their own sins, they "demonize" another in order to deflect the attention from themselves.  Countries do this too.  Joe's contention in this talk is that America is currently doing this, in spades.  And yes, his administration would robustly combat terrorism from without.  However, the administration would just as robustly combat:  "American forms of terrorism."


Joe on Healthcare

Recorded circa, 2011 [almost all of it is still applicable]  time: 7 min.


This was recorded around 2011 before so-called Obamacare became the “…law of the land.” We are in line with the “spirit” of Obamacare in regard to everyone having access to quality healthcare. However, we disagree with creating another centralized, federal government leviathan. Rather, our plan (in part) is about shifting way more responsibility for healthcare to local communities – including using creative, tried models to bring way more healthcare help to the people who need it. In addition, our administration would promote tremendous focus on “prevention” measures as well.


Joe on the Economy

Recorded circa, 2012 [all still just as applicable today] time: 8:40


We propose a major shift in the economy. That is, we propose a return to a small, farm agrarian based society and a focus on the revitalization of small town downtowns – as it was in the “old days.” In turn, many big box retailers (which are putting many of these smaller shops out of business) would be broken up as monopolies. (The focus, in general, would shift from “Wall Street to Main Street.”) There would be even more of a push for “income equality” and a lot more “life-giving jobs,” as opposed to a lot of extraneous paper work shuffling, and the like. It would also be a much more “green economy.” How? Listen.


Joe on Iraq

Recorded circa, 2009 [we were still at war there then] time: 7 min.


Obviously the geo-political landscape has changed in Iraq, with the emergence of, say, ISIS and yet more descent into terrorism on a number of fronts in general there. We waged an “unjust war” there and we need to now win a “just peace.” That is, our administration would do everything possible to help stabilize that country. (“We broke it, we bought it,” as has been said.) Nevertheless, even though this was recorded in 2009, it offers, not only some solutions that would still be applicable today; but it offers some insight into my paradigm when it comes to some dynamics around war.


Joe on Abortion

Recorded circa, 2011 [nothing’s changed – except there’s been more abortions] time: 4 min.


The Holocaust continues in America – and we are our own worst terrorists. Since 1973 we’ve had pro-life presidents, pro-life Supreme Court justices… and we’re at the 55 million abortion mark. There’s only one real answer. And Joe talks about it here.


Joe on Global Warming

Recorded circa, 2011 [most of it still as applicable now…] time: 5:15 min.


The clock is ticking and the ball is in our court on this. Joe offers tangible, and tried, solutions to a looming crisis.

Joe on Gun Violence

Recorded 3/7/17


Some 100,000 people are either killed or inured by gun violence every year now.  Our country has become an absolute war zone.  This podcast talks about the issues, in graphic detail.  It also talks about the answers.  Are they 'politically correct' answers?  Who cares  They're the right answers.


Joe on Education

Some education in America is: pretty good.  Some education is: not so good.  We went out onto the roads of America to look for cutting edge educational models to make it: excellent!  And we found them.  What's more, our education platform calls for what we think is a refreshing twist.


Cleveland's Urban Community School

Joe on Healing the Family

Recorded 3/15/17


Skyrocketing crime, addiction rates, astronomical consumer debt, domestic violence, physical maladies, mental disorders... aren't happening in a vacuum.  There's something below the surface.  And in this podcast, Joe connects the dots for us about what that might be. For more on this go to Joe the Counselor photo

Joe on Nuclear Weapons

Recorded 12/28/17



One push of a button…  and it could be all over, for everyone.  Actually, America’s amassment of nuclear weapons could be costing millions of souls without the button even being pushed.  In this podcast, Joe explains why and offers a simple, yet daring, way to end this nuclear proliferation madness.  And it all starts with us.  (Read: U.S.) 

Coalition for Peace photo


Joe on Motorized Transportation

Recorded 12/23/17


Some 33,000 people are killed on American roads each year now. That would be like half a full airliner going down in America – every day!  If that were happening does anyone seriously think we’d still be flying?  Joe doesn’t.  In fact Joe’s pretty sure most motorized transportation isn’t that good, period (killing, maiming, global warming, carcinogen laced air, urban sprawl…).  It’s just that, well, we’ve become so collectively addicted to motorized transportation that we’re in denial.  Joe discusses here how to, not only come out of denial, but he also discusses quite creative ways to break the addiction. photo

Joe on the Tax Plan

Recorded 1/5/18


People are touting the new GOP Tax Plan as the most significant tax bill in 30 years.  Joe notes that columnist George Will writes:  “That’s like talking about the tallest building in Boise.”  Joe also notes that the bill is projected to create another $1.5 trillion to the National Debt.  And there’s a good bet, according to Will, that if will add complexity to an already tremendously complicated tax code.  How complex?  The tax code is now more than 15,000 pages long, there are 480 forms – the easiest of which has 33 pages of instruction.  Joe says: ENOUGH!  And after he says that, he talks about his tax plan that would include: a simple one-page tax form; a simplified progressive tax scale; and people even starting to look at paying taxes as: a “privilege.”  Seriously!


Joe on Social Security

Recorded 3/15/17


Skyrocketing crime, addiction rates, astronomical consumer debt, domestic violence, physical maladies, mental disorders... aren't happening in a vacuum.  There's something below the surface.  And in this podcast, Joe connects the dots for us about what that might be. For more on this go to Joe the Counselor


Tangible Amends to African Americans

Recorded 3/15/17


It was a domino effect.  There was slavery.  Then came Black generational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, coupled with Blacks being stuck in urban and rural poverty loops -- while many whites, by comparison, continued on an unimpeded upwardly mobile tract.  However while they were advantaged and upwardly mobile economically, many whites became poorer and poorer spiritually from the collective sin of their forefathers -- passed on through their generations -- without anything being done about it.  Joe says in "Making America Moral Again," we have to now stop, clearly assess all this, and then: finally make it right.  Joe explains how. photo

Teton Tribe's Richard Shangreaux protests in South Dakota

Joe reads from his position paper on Native American issues.  The paper was included in a Cengage Learning college text book titled: Social Justice: Opposing Viewpoints.  Joe's paper ran opposite an essay by nationally syndicated radio talk show host Michael Regan, who is also the son of former President Ronald Regan.  Joe argues that for the country to go forward in the "right direction," we need to stop, and with clear and sober eyes, assess the atrocities done to the Native Americans.  Then we need to really make it right -- which would include a series of quite meaningful, and tangible, amends.

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