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Photos by Stephen Piscura

See below for links to a variety of website pages that look at yet more tangible aspects of the family's faith pursuits.


Catholic president:


Joe as a Catholic lay speaker:


Jonathan's letter to the pope:


Sarah's missions trip to Haiti:


Liz on John Paul II's "New Feminism":


The Schriners as Catholic Worker volunteers (Cleveland):


Joseph visits Juarez orphanage:



Year 2006


Our faith underpins everything we do as a family.  


We're Catholic.


The Catholic Church teaches we are to have a personal relationship with Jesus, so we pray together regularly as a family and attend church regularly as a family.


The Catholic Church teaches we're to help the poor, so we moved into the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, where we're involved with various outreach work and sometimes take the homeless into our place. We also financially sponsor youth in the Third World and give to any number of other charities.


The Catholic Church teaches abortion is wrong, so we regularly protest abortion on the streets and work diligently to help change societal factors (poverty, broken families, relaxed sexual mores) that lead to abortion.


The Catholic Church teaches we're to be good environmental stewards, so we live simply, recycle practically everything, bicycle or walk most places within a five mile radius of home.


The Catholic Church teaches we're to be good parents, so Liz and I spend a lot of quality time with our kids, limit television to primarily a few wholesome 50's episodes (Andy Griffith, Flipper) a week, do a lot of outreach work together to form the kids in the ways of helping.


I mean, we're not a poster family for all this.  


But we do try.


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