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I told The Review newspaper in Alliance , Ohio , that that's the era we'd like to see the country go back to, in some respects.


America's small downtowns were vibrant, the air was cleaner, neighbors helped neighbors more, the streets were safer, the pace of life was slower


Our kitchen is a tribute to that era.


There's a 1,000 piece Norman Rockwell painting puzzle (minus two pieces our young son Jonathan either hid or ate).


There's a 50's style stainless-steel toaster. The toast, as it did in that era, goes down and comes up real slow.


Likewise, there's a manual, stainless-steel egg beater, a collage of black and white photographs of family members taken during the 50's, a retro Campbell 's (m, m, good) Soup picture.


We've been told our current faster pace, all this hyper-speed advancing technology, these microwave ovens and faster toasters were good for us.


Are they?


There's hardly time for the kids and neighbors anymore, the streets grow more and more violent, pollution is increasing exponentially, and the toast, well, I believe it's less appreciated and getting burned more often now.



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