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Joe the Quarterback

This last summer, I did a story for the local paper on a semi-pro football team that was playing in Bluffton. During high school, I was the starting quarterback on our junior varsity team.  Before one of these semi-pro practices began this summer, I asked the coach if I could run a few plays.  He said sure. -- Joe


88 Hut!

Move over Peyton Manning!

Nice Pass!

Mark gets 10 push ups

Johnny Manziel move!

"This was a picture of my high school Junior Varsity football team.  I'm #11 in the first row (just to the right of the football).  And even though I was the starting quarterback, they still spelled my last name wrong!  I bet that didn't happen to Joe Namath in his high school team's football picture.  Incidentally, we won some, lost some... and I even completed a few passes.  But not enough passes to consider a career with the Browns.  So on to the presidency -- and at least throwing out the 'first football!'  Wait, is that how it goes?"  --Joe



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