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First Kid?

Joseph, age 10, hangs with the Liberian refugee kids [during our time in Cleveland].

Joseph First Kid? - Joe

Joseph pitched five shutout innings for the Bluffton Pirates against the Pandora Rockets, before struggling a bit in the sixth inning.  The Pirates, though, would eventually win in an exciting extra-inning finish.


Article excerpt: “Schriner pitched five solid shut-out innings initially, with a fairly high velocity fastball…”  

--Bluffton News  


I may well be using Joseph for those

“…throwing out the first pitch” occasions after we get to D.C., because my fastball has lost, oh, a little ‘velocity’ over the years.


Joseph (far right) and some of the other St. Mary's Youth Group members take a break from a weekend volunteer building project.

With Joseph in the West Wing, we're going to add to the White House 'wall art.'  While, say, First Lady Jaquelin Kennedy did an exquisite make-over, and such, featuring fine furniture pieces, expensive art...  We think a few used sofas (with the savings going to the poor) and some 'Joseph sketches" of people often forgotten on the margins of our society, would go a long way toward the kind of White House our country desperately needs at this time.

This year (2015), Joseph told us that he wanted to switch from the soccer team (where he'd been starting goalie the past two years) to the football team.  Liz and I collectively said: "Uh..."  But he's 17 now, starting to make more of his own choices and, well, now you can find mom and dad in the Friday night football stands cheering him and the guys on. 

Last year it was blocking soccer balls as Bluffton’s goalie. This year it’s blocking field goals. (Joseph is #3 on the far right.)

Joseph also played a receiver on offense and outside linebacker on defense. Here he's trying to haul in a pass between two Ft. Jennings High School defenders. In the other picture, he's putting a hit on a Cory Rawson High School running back.

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