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In our travels, we have interviewed a good number of military service people, both active and retired. In northern Iowa, for instance, we interviewed a man who had started a chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America. In Pennsylvania we interviewed some World War II veterans. In the state of Washington, we interviewed a man who had a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder from his time as a medic in Vietnam. We met with a former Navy Seal in Ohio. As we have talked to soldiers who have served in Afghanistan, the first Gulf War…


We have nothing but respect for those who were willing to lay down their lives for our country. And a section of our military paper describes how we would exponentially ramp up help for veterans exponentially. And our military position paper in general lays out a tremendously sane plan for our military in general, going forward.


The following is a story I wrote recently for my wife Liz’s magazine about an Iraq War veteran who has come back to the area. A veteran who was changed by the war.


Below the Neighborhood News article are two more articles about our veterans.

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