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Lady Baron Sarah Schriner

Gets ECAC Honors


Jan 09, 2015

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – Lady Baron basketball player Sarah Schriner was named Rookie of the Week in the Division III South region of the Eastern College Athletic Conference for the week of December 21.

Schriner, a freshman guard, broke the school's single game scoring record with 32 points in a 66-53 home win over Wooster College. Schriner scored 21 in the first half and finished shooting 5-9 from long range and 9-11 from the free throw line.

"She is certainly coming into her own and really feels confident. She showed us that tonight, whether it was driving to the hole or shooting a 3-pointer," Head Coach Suzy Delaney said.

As the team's second leading scorer, averaging 15 points per game, Schriner's growing confidence has been a big reason for Franciscan winning four of its last five games. She also leads the team in three-point shooting percentage and is second on the team in steals.


Sarah, number 99



Three Sport Collegiate Athlete


Our Sarah has become only one of a handful of three-sport athletes in the annals of Franciscan University Baron's sports history.  Besides soccer and basketball, Sarah recently informed us she had joined the Baron Lacrosse Team.  "Do you know anything about Lacrosse Sarah?"  I asked.  'Never even been to a game dad," she smiled.  "Uh..." I responded.  Sarah then explained the lacrosse team had some injuries this spring and the lacrosse coached called the basketball coach and asked if any of her players could help out.  Sarah and her close friend Bernadette stepped up.  What's more, Sarah said there was a home game coming up and she wondered if we'd like to attend.  "Text me some of the rules so I know what I'm yelling at the refs about," I smiled.  "I would if I knew the rules," Sarah smiled back.  Note:  That next week against Anderson College, Sarah was put in for nearly half the game.  Franciscan won and Sarah, #99, held her own.  What's more, she looked awful cute in her little eye goggles. I told her instead of Bat Woman, she looked kind of like: "Bat Barron!"  She, strangely enough, hasn't asked me back to another game, yet.  --Joe




Oops, make that a four sport athlete. I forgot about Sarah's intramural football. Like her old man (only a whole lot faster these days), Sarah is the quarter back of the team that's gone to the championship game three yeart in a row. For more on this, see Joe the Quarterback. 


To see more photos of Sarah's flag football games, see Sarah Flag Football.



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