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Jon's "Art America"

Joe talks about "Art America" project...

"Art America" - Joe

Jonathan’s “Art America Project”



After we settled back in Bluffton, Ohio, I started doing the homeschooling with Jonathan for his 5th grade (2013 – ’14 school year), as Liz was starting up her magazines. At one point, Jonathan and I decided to combine some art with some history. Thus, Jonathan’s “Art America Project” was born.


We would read up on each of the 50 states successively, and then Jonathan would do a drawing about what particularly struck him in regard to each particular state.


What you’re looking at here, obviously, is the western third of our country.


Aircraft parts manufacturing is big in Arizona. And it wouldn’t take Einstein (sorry) to know Albert Einstein was from Colorado. Of course with Jonathan doing a light bulb above Mr. Einstein’s head, he could be easily mistaken for Thomas Edison (who is from Ohio).

New Mexico has a lot of adobe churches. And staying with the religious theme, the Mormons (in covered wagons along the Oregon Trail) stopped in Utah. They apparently didn’t want to go on to Nevada because of the gambling in Vegas.


There are lots of cowboy boots and cowboy hats and, well, cowboys in Wyoming. And the Montana cowboys hide their derringers, not in a vest pocket, but rather in an Oregon logging truck.


In Washington, Jonathan was captivated with fishing boat captains. And if one still wants to stay in Pacific waters heading south, Jonathan has drawn a California surf board complete with a sea horse.


And last, though certainly not least (well, kinda, sorta…) is the famous “Idaho Potato.” (I even spelled potato right, the second time. It’s a shame Dan Quayle didn’t have spell check back then. He and George Sr. might have won a second term.)


--Joe/Dad (and Jonathan, of course)

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