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When a reporter fro the Spring Valley News in Wisconsin asked my wife:  "Why bicycles?"  Liz responded:  "We believe this country should get back to the basics, get out of the fast lane, and slow down.  So what better way to do this campaigning than on a slower form of transportation!"

Year 2000 "Bicycle Tour" (2000 miles)  ...Mankato, MN stop

Liz and Ira (a former homeless man who now lives and works at the Open Door Community outreach) trained together and ran Atlanta's Georgia's Publix Half-Marathon. Both finished. What's more, Liz contacted the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper about Ira's story.  An inspirational front page article about Ira ran the next week.

Liz and Ira, running buddies.  Year 2011  ...Atlanta, GA

Shortly after the race.  ...Carabelle, FL

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, among a number of health-oriented initiatives, did the "Let's Move!" campaign.  Liz actually has been personally doing that for years.  Among any number of aerobic pursuits, and besides this Georgia Half-Marathon, Liz also competed in the Cleveland Half-Marathon.  While she got the peach medallion in Atlanta, she got the vaunted Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame guitar medallion in Cleveland.

Liz grew up playing soccer in New Zealand and made a great

soccer coach in Cleveland's Rec. Center League.

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