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Drumroll (literally)…

Joe Campaign announces VP pick


Our vice-presidential candidate for 2016 is Southern California’s Joe Moreaux.  Our platform spins primarily around the principles of Catholic teaching and Joe is a veritable walking dictionary (or, okay, Google) when it comes to Catholic teaching.


What’s more, and even more important, he lives his faith.


For instance, he and his wife Carolanne have been married since 2004.  And they consecrated their marriage “… to Jesus through Mary via a method suggested by St. Louis de Montfort.”


When I heard that, the vetting process stopped and I simply said:  “You’re hired!”


Joe, whose heritage includes a Hispanic, French, German and Native American mix (covers most of the voting populace), is originally from the San Fernando Valley.  He said his heroes growing up were not, first and foremost, Dodgers players (although he is a fan); but rather his main heroes were:  “Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II.”


And as coincidence would have it, his favorite band featured John, Paul… George and Ringo (aka The Beatles).  Besides being a manager with a firm that does flood restoration work – I would have sent Joe to Louisiana for the recent tragedy – he plays drums for a local band at night and on the weekends.


We figured this would save on money for a band at the Inaugural Balls.


Joe’s main issues:

He wants to tackle ending world-wide poverty, hunger, lack of clean drinking water.  What’s more, he and his wife have been involved with a street ministry to the homeless for years in California.


Joe also wants to see a dramatic increase in Restorative Justice in our prison systems, where inmates are rehabilitated on every level possible.


“We need to find the bridge between the entire “…lives matter” movements.  Seeing the plight of many inmates and the persecution of the poor and minorities breaks my heart,” said Joe.


He also believes “unborn lives” matter and he is adamantly opposed to abortion, which he sees as a “genocide.”  Joe also carries a “Consistent Life Ethic,” that sets him against the death penalty, euthanasia and unjust war.


Joe is also “pro-environment,” with an exponent.  


“My wife and I live a vow of simplicity and try to do our part to conserve water, recycle, eat organic, and be good stewards of the green and blue earth God gave us,” said Joe.


He added that he has both the Benedict medal and Jerusalem Cross tattooed on himself (this should help with the Millennial vote).  And he studies the Bible and Catholic Catechism daily.


He added that he decided to sign on with the campaign because:  “Joe Schriner has a broad vision rooted in common sense and wisdom, which appeals to the deep desires of the hearts of families and individuals, both nationally and globally.  America does not need a revolution… she needs a reawakening!”


Oh, and besides all of this, we thought, well:  “Joe & Joe” would be easy to remember and all.


--Joe S.


Note:  Joe’s wife Carolanne also grew up in the San Fernando Valley and Joe and Carolanne met through a church music ministry.  (Carolanne has a great voice and will be singing the National Anthem at the Inauguration.)  Growing up, Carolanne was a gymnast, did karate, played soccer…  She also was involved with youth ministry that included outreach to the homeless.


“Carolanne strives to see her purpose in life through and eternal perspective and is my constant reminder to always trust in God – no matter what,” said Joe.


Carolanne’s favorite quote comes from Mother Theresa:  “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”


She is also continually inspired by St. Francis’s:  “Preach always, and only when necessary: use words.”


Carolanne is also a licensed insurance agent, a vegan – and loves cats.


We’re actually thinking about changing the national symbol from an eagle to, well, a cat – just for Carolanne!  LOL.


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